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Strategic Planning and Execution

 I help organizations deliver lasting improvements in operational and bottom line results through effective strategic planning and execution..

run change the business I do this by working with the CEO and executive team to develop a focused, written and finely tuned strategic plan. Most importantly, my strategic planning services come with follow-through tools, consulting and coaching to ensure that all plans are effectively executed. We work to align people and processes to make changing the business have the same emphasis as running the business. Failure to take these steps is the primary reason most plan execution & improvement initiatives fail.  “I worked with Marty for about three years….During this time we implemented several of his programs. They paid off dearly for us, saving us a lot of money –and the majority of those savings dropped straight to the bottom line.”             Robert Dexter – CEO – Fibrecraft – Bottom Line Coach strategic planning and execution process overview – This proven process involves three steps:

  1. Objectively determine where your business stands today and articulate your vision for the future. - In this step, I’ll play the role of objective, hard-nosed, third-party – questioning your assumptions, challenging your claims…and generally doing my best to ensure that you and your team dig deep and think hard. The result will be a clear and focused vision that will serve as the basis for your written plan.
  2. Turn your vision into a focused and documented plan of action. – In step two I’ll help you transform your vision into a written strategic and tactical plan of action. When we’re done with this step we’ll have -
    • Commitment from the executive team to a clear, focused and written plan of action for the year ahead.
    • An easily understood plan that can be supported by everyone in the organization – from the boardroom to the production line.
  3. Effectively execute on your plan. Strategy execution is where most strategic planning initiatives fail.That’s why I used my experience as a CEO and strategic planning consultant and coach to develop the Bottom Line Coach strategy execution system. This system features a proven methodology and a comprehensive software tool. A tool that, among other features, tracks company-wide performance against your plan all the way down to the individual level. The methodology and software – combined with coaching and regular follow-up –will ensure that you effectively and profitably execute on your plan.And by profitably I mean a bottom line return many times greater than that which you invest in my services.

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