Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

What would it mean to your business if you were able to improve your decision-making abilities by just 10%?

If you expected this page to start off with the basic “business coach” spiel about how great athletes and top performers all have personal coaches and you need one too…well, I hope you’re pleasantly surprised. Now, I’m not saying there’s not some truth to that line of thought, but that’s not exactly how I see myself.

It’s lonely at the top.
I know, another cliché. One that I’ve always thought was rather corny. Then again, I think we’d both have to admit it’s a true statement. I know because for nearly twenty years I sat in the big chair where you’re sitting now, making the big decisions:

  • Raising money.
  • Hiring and firing.
  • Negotiating loan packages.
  • Sweating payroll.
  • Fighting off competition.
  • Closing deals.

I endured failures, enjoyed successes, and learned things from both. One thing I learned is that when you’re the CEO it can, indeed, get lonely.

For example, if you have a high-level problem you’re wrestling with and you’ve racked your brain for an answer – to no avail – what are you going to do? Go to your employees, your banker or your customer, hat in hand, and say: “Please help me!” Not likely.

Situations like these are when having someone like me in your corner as a trusted coach and advisor can be very helpful for you and your business. Because you can draw on…

  • my experiences
  • my past failures and successes
  • my nearly 40 years of wide-ranging experience with companies large and small…

…to improve your own decision-making abilities. Can’t you see how a relationship like this could help you make better, more informed decisions and make your business more competitive?

What I’m not
Now let me tell you something about my coaching style by telling you what I’m NOT. I’m not a psychologist. I’m not about changing your communication style. I don’t do the whole “touchy-feely” routine.

I’m someone who’s played the game of business, who’s played it at the highest level, played it well and WON. I’m someone who, as your trusted coach and advisor, can make you and your business more successful.

Email or call to learn more about how, as your personal coach and trusted advisor, I can help you and your business be more successful.



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