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What are the top issues for business development in 2017 (SlideShare)

Posted by Martin Harshberger

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Feb 20, 2017 5:00:30 PM

 business-problems.jpegNFIB does a monthly survey of it's members asking key questions about problems and opportunities that impact small and mid-tier businesses.

The PowerPoint below is an excerpt from both the 2016 survey and the January 2017 survey.

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Topics: Business development

How can you differentiate your company from 95% of your competition?

Differentiate. What that really means is rise above all of the noise in your market. Standout!

We help you find ways to grow your business through understanding:

  • How strategic planning focuses your organization

  • How a strong value proposition increases margins as well as sales

  • How to identify and market to your ideal customer

  • How to level the playing field using the Internet and inbound marketing


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