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How to create a value proposition (Infographic)

Posted by Martin Harshberger

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Aug 16, 2017 2:52:04 PM

Picture1-1.pngLet's assume that the vast majority of your market is being served by someone. Either you or a competitor.

In order to grow your business, a large portion of your sales will be at the expense of someone. Again, either you or a competitor.

Customers buy for two reasons, perceived value or price. What can the product or service do for me that isn't already being done? If you have an offering that your customer recognizes adds value, price becomes a smaller part of the process.

That hurts your competitor. If not you need to offer a significant price advantage, that hurts you. A well defined value proposition is critical for profitable sales growth.

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How can you differentiate your company from 95% of your competition?

Differentiate. What that really means is rise above all of the noise in your market. Standout!

We help you find ways to grow your business through understanding:

  • How strategic planning focuses your organization

  • How a strong value proposition increases margins as well as sales

  • How to identify and market to your ideal customer

  • How to level the playing field using the Internet and inbound marketing


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