Marty Harshberger

I work with business owners and CEO's of 7 and 8 figure manufacturing, distribution, and industrial service companies to drive sustainable, profitable growth.


Business Development is much more than sales and marketing.

It touches every function in the organization.
Sustainable business development is a process that must in regular reviews, performance appraisals and incentive packages.It's more than development of a plan, it requires commitment and execution.

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A business coach should be an investment not an expense!

 Measurable Results LLC was founded in 2005. Since it’s beginning the practice has evolved from a general executive management-coaching firm to one specializing in:

Corporate Strategy Development
Business Development Strategy
Strategy Execution and Change Management


Experience has taught us that many of the most common problems businesses face, whether related to sales growth, profitability, cash flow, or employee engagement can be traced back to the organization not having a well documented and clearly communicated strategy. Think about it!

  • Sales growth - Clarify your sales proposition, unless you are lowest cost
  • Marketing effectiveness- Do you have a compelling UVP?
  • Cash flow- Are you chasing non-profitable diversions?
  • Employee engagement - Communications around a clear vision

Measurable Results took strategy development a step further by helping clients actually execute strategy. According to Paul Niven in “The Balanced Scorecard” only 10% of organizations execute their strategy. Measurable Results has developed a holistic approach to strategy execution offering, tools, software, and coaching to help companies succeed at strategy execution and change management.

Measurable Results in the only company in the Greater Memphis area affiliated with the Strategy Execution Alliance, and focused on execution.